Historia Fruites Florenci Bosch FLORENCI BOSCH


In 1952 , Joan Bosch Batlle, from Sant Pere Pescador , founded the firm Florenci Bosch Fruit.

He started planting a little surface of fruit-trees , and widened in a very short time the variety of trees to be able to produce peaches, nectarines, pears , plums , etc… thus managing to deliver a great part of his produce to green-grocers and markets.

The volume of the production kept growing to such an extent  that, in 1965 his son, Florenci Bosch,  joined the firm, expanded  the area of plantation, and in 1977, due to the growth of the market , he  built the first cold store of normal cold  in Sant Pere Pescador village.

Only a decade had gone by after the building of the first store, when he needed to make it bigger. The firm, then, moved to  Rajoleria Road on the outskirts of the village , where it is still nowadays.

At the beginning only 3 cold stores with controlled atmosphere  were built , and it was in 1999 when they widened them to 9 stores turning all the system into an  “Ultra Low Oxygen” cold . That means:  controlled atmosphere storerooms  with very low levels of oxygen in order to  increase the time of conservation of fruit and obtain its optimal freshness  towards the consumer.

Nowadays the firm is managed by the brothers Joan and Dani Bosch